Broken down, locked yourself out or simply looking for a tow, well you have come to the right place to find the service you need, from mechanics to towers we have the most extensive range of car solutions if you are in an emergency situation or have a problem with your vehicle.

Having issues with your vehicle is something that no car owner wants at any time, as you fear it could lead you down an expensive route. With car solutions online we have a fully trusted list of mechanics within your area to make sure you are getting the best service at the very best prices. Our list of mechanics do everything from a simple check up to more extensive engine work if necessary.

One of the most common situations we receive enquiries for, is when people either can’t locate their keys or lock themselves out of their car, these sort of problems can put a delay on your whole day. What you need is a quick response and a fast acting service, one company we would recommend is Locks Unlimited who are a Melbourne based company offering the very best emergency and car locksmith services.

Breaking down at the side of the road is not just an annoyance but also leaves you a potentially vulnerable situation such as being stranded on a motorway and having cars flying past or late at night leaving you stranded, what you need is a company that will get to you are quickly as possible and retrieve your vehicle and get you to a safe location. Towing is not just about roadside assistance but is also used when transporting a host of automobiles and you want to make sure your prized possession is transported safely and efficiently.

Car care and vehicle restoration

Car Solutions Online is not just about emergency services but we also have a wide database of companies who will provide you the very best service when it comes to either restoring an old vehicle or adding accessories to your car such as body kits and a new interior. By using or search function in our categories page you can locate your desired company by either searching your location and city to see what is available within your area.

Driving lessons and driving schools

An added bonus of Car Solutions Online is we take into consideration everything to do with the Auto industry, right from car dealerships to mechanics, but one of the most important aspects of owning and caring for a vehicle is being able to use it safely on a regular basis, by investing in the very best driving lessons from the start will put you in good stead for the rest of your driving life and as we only promote the top driving schools around you can feel confident you are getting the best of the best.

So for any of your car needs please send an enquiry to us via our contact form or if you need a service urgently feel free to go to the company directly.